How to gain confidence to do any daring tasks?

In this article, i will show you how i gain confidence and do a daring task.

I will tell you a secret, 2 years earlier, i was a very shy kid who can’t even dare to ask a doubt to the teacher. Even, i couldn’t talk to any one while maintaining eye 👀 contact to the person.

So, how do i gain confidence to talk to University head to change the syllabus?

There’re various things that you can do [i will not tell you to do send exercise, talk to people, etc]:

1. Think about how the situation will affect you in worst manner?

Now, think what will happen in the worst way, if you didn’t do the task. And how it will affect you?

Now in my case, the University will have same ancient syllabus, and everybody will just learn the old syllabus. Now, even take 1 step ahead and think if you will become a teacher and will teach the old syllabus to your teachers. Or even your child will also learn the same syllabus.

Now, think if you really want that to happen?

2. Life goal:

You should have atleast 1 life goal (the thing that you want with your life). My 1st life goal is to never have any regret in my life. I don’t want money 💰, fame etc. As i have seen even the richest person having regrets.(if i had done that, if i told or speak at that moment, etc).

The biggest regret is not doing something. You will regret in your mind even start weeks or years that “if i have done ✅ that or if i ask that question in that moment or if i told or gave my idea in that moment”. Trust me they will haunt you, even after years.

So, try to adopt this goal in your life.

Btw, You can have multiple goals in your life like my second goal is to be a software developer.

3. Try to imagine what your role model will do

You can imagine what your role model will do in this situation. It can be your parents, grandfather, any relative. The close you are to him/her, the better and he/she should be of bold type. You can imagine some imaginary also, but the real ones are better.

You can try imagine and try to act like them. “What they will do, if they face this situation?”

One example is Batman, he does what he thinks is right.

4. If you are right, then whatever you do will also be right

If you know, what you’re doing is the right thing, then even if whole world will oppose you, you have to stick to it” my father told me.

If you think you are right, you have to just do it. You can take example of a pothole on a road. There are millions of people who cross by road, curse it and just pass by. But no one even complain or inform the municipal council. If you even take a step and do whatever you can, it is still good than the rest.

Even if you fail, you will not be like millions of passerby who stood like fools doing nothing. If you try and fail, it is still better than those you don’t try at all.

Even if you will fail, you will still gain some knowlege or experience. You will know, where you are lacking and can improve in that area, that you’ll not gain by simply not doing anything.

Little by little, your hesitation will fade away, and you will become a bold person.

Just do the thing, than to regret later.

Just a programming Geek that only has 1 dream : no regrets in life