This is the story about how i (being a normal college student) changed the University syllabus .

Representation of me (a student) vs the
Representation of me (a student) VS University

This was a fight between a common student and legacy education system. And how i brought the education reform in my University. This is for every student who also wants to do the same. So here’s the stepwise detail of all the incidents.

[note: for non-programming person, i have given notes later in each part, so bear with me]

Starting of story

A little about myself

I am a programming Geek. I spent hours and hours in programming. After doing my high school (12th), due to some financial crises, i…

In this article, i will show you how i gain confidence and do a daring task.

I will tell you a secret, 2 years earlier, i was a very shy kid who can’t even dare to ask a doubt to the teacher. Even, i couldn’t talk to any one while maintaining eye 👀 contact to the person.

So, how do i gain confidence to talk to University head to change the syllabus?

There’re various things that you can do [i will not tell you to do send exercise, talk to people, etc]:

1. Think about how the situation will affect you in worst manner?

Now, think what will happen in the worst…

Vijay Nagpal

Just a programming Geek that only has 1 dream : no regrets in life

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